Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Room 4 Term Two 2014

Dear parents,

It has been a good two weeks and it’s great to see children working well and settling into their daily learning.


In guided reading children continue learning in groups according to their reading ability. This will allow each child to be learning at the appropriate level and speed. During this learning time we will explore a range of texts and content that is interesting and relevant. For silent reading children will have the opportunity to choose a text that is interesting and it will encourage each child to read daily independently. In writing we will be focusing on punctuation and how this aspect of writing can help ourselves and the reader understand the messages we are aiming to convey. Spelling is a very important component of writing and we will be learning the essential spelling list words, big learning curriculum words and words that we have misspelt in our writing. In Mathematics we continue to learn about ‘Number’ we will be learning adding decimals, ordering fractions, finding a fraction of a whole and strategies to workout addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. We continue with daily basic facts practise.


Our class will continue with the weekly homework sheet. Thanks to those children who are making an excellent effort with this and making good progress with the learning of their basic facts and spelling words. Please remember that the homework sheet needs to be handed in on Friday of each week. Reading logs continue as usual. I encourage children to hand their reading log in once a week as I am able to record how many nights they have read and send names to Mr Calver when they have meet an award. The maths homework book children are to do one page per week and hand in to me on Friday. Thanks for all the efforts you are making with homework for your child.


Pironga Trip is on Monday the 26th of May. This is a great opportunity as we have local experts taking the children for group lessons learning about the local area. Please sign and return permission slip for your child and if you are able to provide transport please indicate. Lower Waipa 7’s tournament is on Wednesday the 25th June. Postponement day is Friday the 27th of June. Teams will be organised closer to the day. The children look forward to this day representing our school on the sporting field. Museum trip is to be organised. The trip will support what the children learn at the Pironga day and what we are doing in our social studies unit ‘the land and the people’. Information letter will go out later on in the term.

Last day of term is Friday the 4th of July.

Have a great term   Phillip Otto

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